Welcome Alumni!

We are so thankful for your continued interest and support in the UCO BCM! This page is for you to know how to maintain a good connection to your Alma Mater!  


PRAY: The first and most important thing you can do as an  Alumni is to pray for the generations that follow you. Pray the Lord continues to use the BCM to further His kingdom and invest in students to become active disciples of Christ. Pray for the students as they face busy semesters and challenges to their faith.

VOLUNTEER: As a BCM staff we take care of most of the maintenance and remodel work around the building.  Anytime you, your family, or your small group want to give your time to help with work projects such as painting, gardening, or remodel work we would love for you to be apart of that, especially if it’s a skill you are proficient in. Talk with the staff to see what projects are on the list. 

GIVE: As an organization we function off the support of the Cooperative Program, churches support, and individual  donations. We appreciate any and all gifts, whether its monthly, yearly, or one time financial gifts. If you feel led to give click on the Donate tab at the top of the page.



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University of Central Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministry