Welcome Freshmen and Transfers!

As a new student on our campus, it is our desire to challenge you in your walk with the Lord and help connect you in fellowship with other believers. As a BCM we offer several ways to help you connect. 

Our Weekly Schedule: For a list of what we do throughout the week please visit our Events page

Freshmen: We have on Monday nights at 7pm Freshman Small Groups. In this weekly meeting, freshmen will be placed in a small group with other freshmen led by two upperclassmen.  Each week we will discuss in our small groups a different topics as they relate to our walk with Christ. Some of the topics include prayer, our purpose, leadership, spiritual warfare, social media, loneliness, apologetics, etc. It will be a great way for freshmen to connect and have accountability in their walk with the Lord. 

Transfers: We do Transfer Transition for the first four weeks of the semester. This is where we meet with you for dinner on Thursdays before Midweek. These dinners are a great way for us to get to know each other and how we help you get to know what we do as a BCM and fellow BCM members. 


What to know about upcoming events? Submit your contact info to us below and we'll send you alerts about what's coming up each month.

University of Central Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministry